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Welcome to the George Mason Law Review

Vol. 11, No. 4: Summer 2003


  • Mark A. Behrens & Cary Silverman, Improving The Jury System In Virginia: Jury Patriotism Legislation Is Needed, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 657 (2003).
  • Mark Glick & Avner Kalay, How To Value A Lost Opportunity: A Real Options Approach, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 673 (2003).
  • Jayanth K. Krishnan, Mobilizing Immigrants, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 695 (2003).
  • George A. Nation III, Agency Law And Secured Transactions: The Use Of Agents In The Creation Of Security Interests, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 739 (2003).


  • Nathan Richard Wildermann, Bought Elections: Republican Party Of Minnesota v. White, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 765 (2003).
  • Michael P. DeGrandis, Atkins v. Virginia: Nothing Left Of The Independent Legislative Power To Punish and Define Crime, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 805 (2003).