Antitrust Symposium issue is now online

The George Mason Law Review is delighted to announce that our latest issue, featuring articles from the 18th Annual Antitrust Symposium, is now online. Volume 22:5 Symposium Issue: Perspectives on Global Competition Law Terry Calvani, Jaffer Abbasi, David Blonder, Aimee Imundo, Keynote Panel Discussion Damien Geradin, Collective Redress for Antitrust Damages in the European Union: […]

14th Annual Symposium on Antitrust Law, February 9, 2011

The George Mason Law Review, together with Navigant Economics and O’Melveny & Myers LLP, presented the 14th Annual Symposium on Antitrust Law on February 9, 2011 at the Willard InterContinental in Washington, D.C. The Law Review thanks all of our speakers and participants for a successful and enjoyable event. For more information about the event and the […]

Volume 22:4 – Summer 2015

Volume 22:4- Summer 2015 Featuring Articles from the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property’s Conference, Common Ground: How Intellectual Property Unites Creators and Innovators. Adam Mossoff & Mark Schultz, Introduction Richard A. Epstein, Keynote Address Eric R. Claeys, The Conceptual Relation Between IP Rights and Infringement Remedies Kirti Gupta, Technology Standards and Competition in the […]

Volume 22:3- Spring 2015

Volume 22:3- Spring 2015 Essay Michael S. Greve & Ashley C. Parrish, Administrative Law Without Congress, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 501 (2015) Articles Featuring Articles From The Law & Economics Center’s Public Policy Conference: Administration Unbound? Delegation, Deference, And Discretion David E. Bernstein, What to Do About Federal Agency Science: 
Some Doubts About Regulatory Daubert, 22 […]

New Law Review Full Members

Congratulations Law Review Full Members!  Congratulations to the new George Mason Law Review full members! Ryan Andrews James Atkinson Meghan Brennan Mary Casale Adrian Ciacci Brianna Davis-Kleppinger Angeline DeChiara Mark DeSantis Eric Ebersole Danielle Ely Wendy Everette Blake Frieman Kathleen Garman Anna Gentry Rod Harrell Joseph Harrington Thomas Hunt George Johnson Elena Kamenir Andrea Jean […]

Members Selected for Publication

Congratulations to the Members Selected for Publication George Mason Law Review is proud to congratulate the following student authors who have been selected for publication in Volume 23, forthcoming for 2015-2016: Ryan Andrews, The Plausibility Standard and the False Claims Act: Protecting Fraudsters by Preventing Private Enforcement E. Kyle Ebersole, Continuous Evaluation: Welcoming Government Employees to the World of Mass Surveillance Danielle Ely, California Dreamin’: Judicial […]

Volume 22:2- Winter 2015

Volume 22:2- Winter 2015 Essay William E. Kovacic, Creating a Respected Brand: How Regulatory Agencies Signal Quality, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 237 (2015) Articles William W. Berry III, Procedural Proportionality, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 259 (2015) Mitchell L. Engler, Pay for Play: The Compensated Leisure Flaw of Contract Damages, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 297 (2015) […]

18th Annual Symposium Sneak Peek

18th Annual Symposium Sneak Peek In anticipation of our 18th Annual Antitrust Symposium entitled Perspectives on Global Competition Law, the George Mason Law Review is proud to announce a special early online release of one of the forthcoming articles in our 2015 Antitrust Symposium Issue. The article is co-authored by Yong Huang, Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang, and Roger Xin Zhang, and […]

Burton Award Nomination

Law Review Article Nominated for a Burton Award George Mason has nominated Christine Ganley’s article “Reevaluating The Common Law of Foreign Official Immunity:  Ascertaining the Proper Role of the Executive” for a Burton Award! In addition to this nomination, Christine was awarded the Adrian S. Fisher Award for Best Student Comment or Note and the Arthur […]