Monday November 24th 2014

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2010 Publication Announcement

Congratulations to the following ten members whose note or comment was chosen for publication in forthcoming issues of the George Mason Law Review.

  1. Peter Cockrell - Subprime Solutions to the Housing Crisis: Constitutional Problems with the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act of 2009 (2010 Adrian S. Fisher Award, Best Student Note)
  2. Lindsey ChamplinShould the Sherman Act Restrain State Power Under the Twenty-First Amendment? Why Federal Courts Should Abandon the Fourth Circuit’s Balancing Test From TFWS v. Schaefer
  3. Jeremy GraboyesNow, Voyager: Deixis and the Temporal Pragmatics of Legislative Speech Acts
  4. Anthony PelusoA Distinction Without a Difference: How Callahan v. Millard County Drew an Unwarranted Line in the Sand of Fourth Amendment Jurisprudence
  5. Ted BrownNot a Tecom Party: There’s “Very Little Likelihood” Geren v. Tecom Will Promote Sound Government Contracting Practices
  6. Cattleya ConcepcionBeyond the Lens of Lenz: Looking to Protect Fair Use During the Safe Harbor Process Under the DMCA
  7. Geoff Fehling - Verdugo, Where’d You Go?: Stoot v. City of Everett and Evaluating Fifth Amendment Self-Incrimination Civil Liability Violations
  8. Nathan ChubbMerger Review: How “Serious Questions” in Preliminary Injunctions May Improve Antitrust Law
  9. Kendal SmithHuman Trafficking and RICO: A New Prosecutorial Hammer in the War on Modern Day Slavery
  10. Joshua CumbyThe Sixth Amendment: Version 1.0 et seq–Commas, Clauses, and the Constitution