Volume 24:1- Fall 2016



  • Kathryn L. Moore, Closing the Retirement Savings Gap: Are State Automatic Enrollment IRAs the Answer?
  • Michael Pappas, A Right to be Regulated?
  • Jeannette Cox, Reasonable Accommodations and the ADA Amendments’ Overlooked Potential
  • Alberto B. Lopez, Posthumous Privacy, Decedent Intent, and Post-Mortem Access to Digital Assets


  • Timothy M. Snyder, You’re Fired! A Case for Agency Moderation of Machine Data in the Employment Context
  • Christopher J. Deist, Taking a Stand: Addressing the Issue of Article III Standing Against the NSA Metadata Collection Program Following Obama v. Klayman
  • Stacey Harlow, Using “SOX” to Prevent Federal Courts’ Cold Feet About Dodd-Frank’s Whistleblower Provisions