Volume 23:3- Spring Issue


  • Evan Bernick, Towards a Consistent Economic Liberty Jurisprudence
  • Ian Millhiser, The Most Incompetent Branch
  • Kristen M. Blankley, A Uniform Theory of Federal Court Jurisdiction Under the Federal Arbitration Act
  • Mark Glover, A Taxonomy of Testamentary Intent
  • Jason Scott Johnston, Do Product Bans Help Consumers? Questioning the Economic Foundations of Dodd-Frank Mortgage Regulation
  • Zoe Niesel & Bethany A. Corbin, The Knottiest Problem: Unraveling Arising Under Jurisdiction in Copyright Cases



  • Danielle Ely, We Can Work It Out: Why Full Federalization of Pre-1972 Sound Recordings Is Necessary to Clarify Ambiguous and Inconsistent State Copyright Laws