Volume 22:5- Symposium Issue

Featuring Articles from The 18th Annual Antitrust Symposium

Perspectives on Global Competition Law

  • Terry Calvani, Jaffer Abbasi, David Blonder, Aimee Imundo, Conversation with Corporate Counsel
  • Damien Geradin, Collective Redress for Antitrust Damages in the European Union: Is this a Reality Now?
  • Yong Huang, Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang, & Roger Xin Zhang, Essential Facilities Doctrine and Its Application in Intellectual Property Space Under China’s Anti-Monopoly Law
  • John “Jay” Jurata & Inessa Mirkin Owens, Guarding Against Protectionism: The Need to Limit Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Laws to Foreign Intellectual Property Rights
  • William E. Kovacic, The United States and Its Future Influence on Global Competition Policy
  • Derek W. Moore & Joshua D. Wright, Conditional Discounts and the Law of Exclusive Dealing
  • D. Daniel Sokol, Tensions Between Antitrust and Industrial Policy
  • Randolph W. Tritell, Meeting the Challenges of the Evolving International Antitrust Landscape


  • Ryan Andrews, The Plausibility Standard and the False Claims Act: Protecting Fraudsters by Preventing Private Enforcement
  • Rod Harrell, The Contract Clause of the Constitution and the Need For “Pass Any . . . Law” Rehabilitation in the Age of Delegation

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