Volume 23:5- Antitrust Symposium Issue

Featuring articles from the 19th Annual Antitrust Symposium: Antitrust in an Interconnected World


Morning Keynote

  • Terry Calvani et al., Exploring Due Process in Antitrust


  • D. Daniel Sokol & Roisin Comerford, Does Antitrust Have a Role to Play in Regulating Big Data?
  • William E. Kovacic & David A. Hyman, Regulatory Leveraging: Problem or Solution?
  • Jan Rybnicek & Laura Oaken, A Hedgehog in Fox’s Clothing?: The Misapplication of GUPPI Analysis
  • Lindsey M. Edwards & Joshua D. Wright, The Death of Antitrust Safe Harbors: Causes and Consequences


  • Sara Almousa, Friends With Benefits? Clarifying the Role Relationships Play in Satisfying the Personal Benefit Requirement Under Tipper-Tippee Liability
  • David C. Grossman, Blaming the Victim: How FTC Data Security Enforcement Actions Make Companies and Consumers More Vulnerable to Hackers
  • Todd Kelly, Sharing is Caring: Protecting the Ability of Qui Tam Relators and the Government to Share Information Under the False Claims Act