Volume 23:5 Developments Article Now Available Online

Through its Developments section, the George Mason Law Review seeks to address the oft-heard critique that legal scholarship is increasingly disconnected from the needs of the bar. Developments operates on a shorter publishing timeline and it posts essays online as soon as they are completed. Although Developments focuses on an online publication to support quick […]

Volume 23:2 now online!

The law review is excited to share that our latest issue featuring articles from the Kelo v. City of New London Symposium is now available online! Kelo v. City of New London: A Mini-Symposium Ilya Somin, Introduction, 23 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 253 (2016) Josh Blackman, Popular Constitutionalism After Kelo, 23 Geo. Mason L. Rev. […]

Antitrust Symposium issue is now online

The George Mason Law Review is delighted to announce that our latest issue, featuring articles from the 18th Annual Antitrust Symposium, is now online. Volume 22:5 Symposium Issue: Perspectives on Global Competition Law Terry Calvani, Jaffer Abbasi, David Blonder, Aimee Imundo, Keynote Panel Discussion Damien Geradin, Collective Redress for Antitrust Damages in the European Union: […]

Volume 22:4 – Summer 2015

Volume 22:4- Summer 2015 Featuring Articles from the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property’s Conference, Common Ground: How Intellectual Property Unites Creators and Innovators. Adam Mossoff & Mark Schultz, Introduction Richard A. Epstein, Keynote Address Eric R. Claeys, The Conceptual Relation Between IP Rights and Infringement Remedies Kirti Gupta, Technology Standards and Competition in the […]

Vol. 22 No. 1

Essay E. Branley Webb, Aiding and Abetting Section 924(C) Offenses: An Analysis of Rosemond v. United States’ Withdrawal Rule, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1  (2014). Articles Andrew Gilden, LIfe, Death, Public Domain, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 13 (2014). Joshua Hawkes & Mark Seidenfeld, A Positive Defense of Administrative Preemption, 22 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 63 (2014). Jennifer Mueller, Defending Nuance in an […]