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Vol. 4, No. 2: Fall 1981

ARTICLES Walter H.E. Jaeger, Apartments: Must They Be Habitable?, 4 GMU L. Rev. 179 (1981). F. Bruce Bach & Bradley W. Evers, Effective Assistance of Counsel in Criminal Cases, 4 GMU L. Rev. 241 (1981). COMMENTS Daryl Andrew Nelson, Educational Malpractice, 4 GMU L. Rev.261 (1981). Jeanette P. Papillo, Farley v. Goode: [...]

Vol. 5, No. 2: Fall 1982

COMMENTS John C. Foster, The Validity of Construction Industry Prehire Agreements Absent a Showing of Union Majority Status, 5 GMU L. Rev. 261 (1982). Joyce M. Kidd, Petition of J. O. L.: The Conflict Between the “Best Interests” of the Child Statute and Parental Rights, 5 GMU L. Rev. 279 (1982). Judith D. Schretter, Parole [...]

Vol. 5, No. 1: Spring 1982

ARTICLES Frank R. Parker, The Virginia Legislative Reapportionment Case: Reapportionment Issues of the 1980's, 5 GMU L. Rev. 1 (1982). Timothy B. Walthall, The Failing Company Defense and Corporate Collapse: Probing for a Rational Approach to Business Failure, 5 GMU L. Rev. 51 (1982). Gregory C. Yadley & Attilla S. Ilkson, Bona [...]

Vol. 6, No. 4: Summer 1998

ARTICLES Maxwell L. Stearns, Restoring Positive Law and Economics: Introduction to Public Choice Theme Issue, 6 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 709 (1998). Francesco Parisi, The Market for Votes: Coasian Bargaining in an Arrovian Setting, 6 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 745 (1998). Adrianne G. Threatt, The Impact of Term Limits on the Congressional [...]

Vol. 6, No. 2: Winter 1998

DEDICATION Erin A. O'Hara, Dedication to Richard Shepherd Murphy, xi (1998). ARTICLES Elwin Griffith, Truth in Lending—The Right of Rescission, Disclosure of the Finance Charge, and Itemization of the Amount Financed in Closed-End Transactions, 6 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 191 (1998). Raven C. Lidman & Betsy R. Hollingsworth, The [...]

Vol. 7, No. 4: Summer 1999

ARTICLES Steven J. Eagle, Symposium on Land Use, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 825 (1999). Robert H. Nelson, Privatizing the Neighborhood: A Proposal to Replace Zoning with Private Collective Property Rights to Existing Neighborhoods, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 827 (1999). William A. Fischel, Voting, Risk Aversion, and the NIMBY Syndrome: A [...]

Vol. 17, No. 3: Spring 1999

ARTICLES Robert Pitofsky, Efficiencies in Defense of Mergers: Two Years After, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 485 (1999). Jonathan B. Baker, Promoting Innovation Competition Through the Aspen/Kodak Rule, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 495 (1999). David A. Balto, Networks and Exclusivity: Antitrust Analysis to Promote Network Competition, 7 Geo. Mason [...]

Vol. 17, No. 2: Winter 1999

ARTICLES Robert A. Anthony, Zone-Free Standing for Private Attorneys General, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 237 (1999). J. Anthony Coughlan, Land Value Taxation and Constitutional Uniformity, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 261 (1999). Richard A. Epstein, Exit Rights and Insurance Regulation: From Federalism to Takings, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 293 [...]

Vol. 7, No. 1: Fall 1998

ARTICLES Charles R. Calleros, Same-sex Harassment, Textualism, Free Speech, and Oncale: Laying the Groundwork for a Coherent and Constitutional Theory of Sexual Harassment Liability, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (1998). Royce de R. Barondes, Fiduciary Duties of Officers and Directors of Distressed Corporations, 7 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 45 [...]

Vol. 8, No. 3: Spring 2000

ARTICLES J. Gerald Hebert, Redistricting in the Post-2000 Era, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 431 (2000). Jennifer M. Safavian, Down for the Count: The Constitutional, Political and Policy Related Problems of Census Sampling, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 477 (2000). COMMENT Michael J. Nelson, Slowing Union Corruption: Reforming the Landrum-Griffin [...]

Vol. 8, No. 2: Winter 1999

ARTICLES Bruce H. Kobayashi & Larry E. Ribstein, Uniformity, Choice of Law and Software Sales, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 261 (1999). Gregory J. Maier & Robert C. Mattson, State Street Bank in the Context of the Software Patent Saga, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 307 (1999). John L. Costello, Final and Interlocutory Appeals in Virginia, 8 [...]

Vol. 8, No. 1: Fall 1999

ARTICLES Ronald A. Cass & Keith N. Hylton, Preserving Competition: Economic Analysis, Legal Standards and Microsoft, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (1999). Jason J. Kilborn, Thou Canst Not Fly High With Borrowed Wings: Airline Finance and Bankruptcy Code Section 1110, 8 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 41 (1999). Vincent Chiappetta, Myth, Chameleon [...]

Vol. 9, No. 1: Fall 2000

ARTICLES William M. Landes, Copyright, Borrowed Images, and Appropriation Art: An Economic Approach, 9 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (2000). Stephen M. McJohn, The Paradoxes of Free Software, 9 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 25 (2000). Michael I. Krauss, NAFTA Meets the American Torts Process: O'Keefe v. Loewen, 9 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 69 [...]

Vol. 11, No. 4: Summer 2003

ARTICLES Mark A. Behrens & Cary Silverman, Improving The Jury System In Virginia: Jury Patriotism Legislation Is Needed, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 657 (2003). Mark Glick & Avner Kalay, How To Value A Lost Opportunity: A Real Options Approach, 11 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 673 (2003). Jayanth K. Krishnan, Mobilizing Immigrants, 11 Geo. [...]

Vol. 17, No. 3: Spring 2010

ARTICLES Mary Jane Angelo, Corn, Carbon and Conservation:  Rethinking U.S. Agricultural Policy in a Changing Global Environment, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 593 (2010). Robert J. Rhee, Fiduciary Exemption for Public Necessity: Shareholder Profit, Public Good, and the Hobson's Choice During a National Crisis, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 661 [...]

Vol. 17, No. 2: Winter 2010

ARTICLES Jeffrey L. Harrison, Rethinking Mistake and Nondisclosure in Contract Law, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 335 (2010). Roger Allan Ford, Modeling the Effects of Peremptory Challenges on Jury Selection and Jury Verdicts, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 377 (2010). Justin Florence & Robert Friedman, Profiles in Terror: A Legal Framework for the [...]

Vol. 17, No. 1: Fall 2009

ARTICLES Elizabeth A. Rowe, Contributory Negligence, Technology, and Trade Secrets, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (2010). John B. Kirkwood & Richard O. Zerbe, Jr., The Path to Profitability: Reinvigorating the Neglected Phase of Merger Analysis, 17 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 39 (2010). D. Daniel Sokol, Limiting Anticompetitive Government [...]

Vol. 16, No. 4: Summer 2009

CONFERENCE REPORT Taryn Elliott & Joshua Newborn, Symposium Conference Report: Antitrust Policy in the New Administration, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 795 (2009). ARTICLES Abbott B. Lipsky, Jr., Improving Competitive Analysis, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 805 (2009). Michael A. Carrier, The Rule of Reason: An Empirical Update for the 21st [...]

Vol. 16, No. 3: Spring 2009

ARTICLES Jeff Schwartz, Reconceptualizing Investment Management Regulation, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 521 (2009). J.C. Oleson, The Insanity of Genius: Criminal Culpability and Right-Tail Psychometrics, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 587 (2009). Ted L. Field, Improving the Federal Circuit’s Approach to Choice of Law for Procedural Matters in Patent [...]

Vol. 16, No. 2: Winter 2009

ARTICLES David C. Thompson & Melanie F. Wachtell, An Empirical Analysis of Supreme Court Certiorari Petition Procedures: The Call for Response and the Call for the Views of the Solicitor General, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 237 (2009). Michael A. Simons, Prosecutors as Punishment Theorists: Seeking Sentencing Justice, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. [...]

Vol. 16, No. 1: Fall 2008

ARTICLES Elizabeth Cosenza, Rethinking Attorney Liability Under Rule 10b-5 in Light of the Supreme Court’s Decisions in Tellabs and Stoneridge, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (2008). Sam Kamin, An Article III Defense of Merits-First Decisionmaking in Civil Rights Litigation: The Continued Viability of Saucier v. Katz, 16 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 53 [...]

Vol. 15, No. 5: August 2008

REMARKS J. Thomas Rosch, The Common Law of Section 2: Is it Alive and Well?, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1163 (2008). David L. Meyer, We Should Not Let the Ongoing Rationalization of Antitrust Lead to the Marginalization of Antitrust, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1175 (2008). Thomas O. Barnett, Maximizing Welfare Through Technological Innovation, 15 [...]

Vol. 15, No. 4: June 2008

ARTICLES Leonard L. Riskin & Nancy A. Welsh, Is That All There Is?: “The Problem” in Court-Oriented Mediation, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 863 (2008). Lee J. Strang, Damages as the Appropriate Remedy for Abuse of an Easement: Moving Toward Consistency, Efficiency, and Fairness in Property Law, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 933 (2008). RESPONSE [...]

Vol. 15, No. 3: Spring 2008

ARTICLES Philip J. Weiser & Dale Hatfield, Spectrum Policy Reform and the Next Frontier of Property Rights, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 549 (2008). Elizabeth Harmer Dionne, Pornography, Morality, and Harm: Why Miller Should Survive Lawrence, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 611 (2008). David G. Yosifon, Legal Theoretic Inadequacy and Obesity Epidemic [...]

Vol. 15, No. 2: Winter 2008

ARTICLES Robert P. Mosteller, Exculpatory Evidence, Ethics, and the Road to the Disbarment of Mike Nifong: The Critical Importance of Full Open-File Discovery, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 257 (2008). Jessica Silbey, The Mythical Beginnings of Intellectual Property, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 319 (2008). Ryan Hagglund, Patentability of Cloned Extinct [...]

Vol. 15, No. 1: Fall 2007

ARTICLES Davida H. Isaacs, Not All Property is Created Equal: Why Modern Courts Resist Applying the Takings Clause to Patients, and Why they are Right to Do So, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (2007). J. Kelly Strader, White Collar Crime and Punishment: Reflections on Michael, Martha, and Milberg Weiss, 15 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 45 [...]

Vol. 14, No. 4: Summer 2007

REMARKS Thomas O. Barnett, Interoperability Between Antitrust and Intellectual Property, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 859 (2007). Philip Lowe, Keynote Address, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 871 (2007). Panel Discussion: Remarks on Mergers, Cartels, and Single Firm Conduct, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 879 (2007). Panel Discussion: Regulator’s [...]

Vol. 14, No. 3: Spring 2007

ESSAY John Yoo, The Terrorist Surveillance Program and the Constitution, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 565 (2007). ARTICLES Shahar J. Dilbary, Famous Trademarks and the Rational Basis for Protecting “Irrational Beliefs”, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 605 (2007). Craig M. Boise, Breaking Open Offshore Piggybanks: Deferral and the Utility of [...]

Vol. 14, No. 2: Winter 2007

ARTICLES Lydia Palla Loren, Building a Reliable Semicommons of Creative Works: Enforcement of Creative Commons Licenses and Limited Abandonment of Copyright, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 271 (2007). Christopher J. Robinette, Torts Rationales, Pluralism, and Isaiah Berlin, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 329 (2007). Michael Sinclair, Precedent, [...]

Vol. 14, No. 1: Fall 2006

ARTICLES Richard E. Myers II, Detector Dogs and Probable Cause, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 1 (2006). Tom W. Bell, Prediction Markets for Promoting the Progress of Science and the Useful Arts, 14 Geo. Mason L. Rev. 37 (2006). Elizabeth I. Winston, Why Sell What You Can License? Contracting Around Statutory Protection of Intellectual [...]

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